How to connect Facebook account

Connect your club site with Facebook for additional benefits.  Once connected, your site can post on behalf of your club and sync with Facebook events.

Connect Facebook

  1. Log into the club's Facebook page.  
  2. Browse to Communication > Your Site
  3. Click Connect Facebook page

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How to connect Twitter account

Connect your club site with Twitter for additional benefits.  

Connect Twitter

  1. Log into the club's Twitter account.  
  2. Browse to Communication > Your Site
  3. Click Connect Twitter Account

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How to broadcast from NationBuilder

  • Select the club name on the drop down under Communication.
  • Click on the settings tab.
  • Click on the email sub-tab.
  • Change the email address to that which you want to be the “from” address.
  • Now, select the email tab next to settings, and choose “New blast.”
  • Choose a slug name and description, and click on create and edit email blast. Add recipients from list (will auto-populate if you hit save), choose theme, and edit content of email message.
  • Decide to send a test email or email blast without testing

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